Jim Clark Rally - Community and Residents

Once the road is closed for the rally, it becomes an arrestable offence to walk on the road, including going onto the stage to recover or push cars, and it is a condition of use that this is policed.

A small number of people chose to ignore that in 2023 and sadly we had to stop a stage to deal with their actions and relocate them. That subsequently caused delays and came close to stopping the entire rally, spoiling it for both competitors and fans.

For local and community queries regarding the rally, please contact:
Community Liaison Officer
Frances Renton
T: 07824 471305


The roads that form the special stages of the rally are closed by a road closure order for a specific time window. This means that it is an offence to be on the road between the road closure start and finish times.

In the hour before the competition cars are live on the stage various safety cars, including the Spectator Safety Vehicle and the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate will come through the stage to check it’s readiness. The competition cars will follow soon after and then at the end of the stage, various official vehicles follow behind the last competitor.

This is to ensure they have free access to any incident that may occur at the end of the field. This is not a signal that the road is open.

Please do not move on the road until the “ROAD OPEN” vehicle has passed your location – this is imperative for your safety and the smooth running of the event.

Be aware that as you leave the stage there may be recovery operations underway that block the road so please be patient.

To view the full list of road closures, times and restrictions, please visit the Scottish Borders Council website HERE

The organisers of the Jim Clark Rally have lodged an application with Scottish Borders Council seeking a Motor Sport Order to run the event in May 2024.

To approve the rally, legislation requires the Council to consider any potential impacts, both positive and negative, on local communities and businesses. It also requires that the public are consulted about the planning and implementation of the event.

Please visit this link; Scottish Borders Website which will be updated shortly.


The Beatson’s Building Supplies Jim Clark Rally is one of the oldest closed-road stage rally in the UK and remains as the biggest and most popular motorsport event on the calendar.

Through the hard work of the organising committee, local & national authorities, local communities, stakeholders and supporters, we are immensely proud of this fantastic event which is well-respected across the country.

Bringing drivers and fans across the world to the region for the event, we are very grateful for the unwavering support from the local community, residents and businesses to allow us to bring this unique event to the area.

We hope you will continue to support the rally in 2024.

Our organising team will once again be in contact with all properties on the competitive rally route which will be closed across various times during the weekend. As a resident, you will receive full information on what impact the road closures have during the event.

If you would like to watch the action, please visit the spectator page HERE.

We hope you enjoy the weekend!

Rally Helpline

For local and community queries regarding the rally, please contact:
Community Liaison Officer
Frances Renton
T: 07824 471305